Hey Jude

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It happened to me to learn about the band the Beatles in 2010.It is so great that I am ashamed of knowing little about it.There are four members in Beatles,including John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.They are widely acknowledged as the greatest and most influential act of the rock era.It astonishes me that four little boys,who all like rock music,get together and form a band in their youth.While most of us just study or play balls.

One of their songs ,Hey Jude ,impressed me most for its inspiring lyrics and profound meaning.Paul McCartney wrote this song to Julian, son of John Lennon,who suffered from the pain of their parents’ divorce.”Hey Jude, don’t make it bad.Take a sad song and make it better .Remember, to let her into your heart .Then you can start to make it better .”These four sentences introduce the main idea of the song,that McCartney wished that Julian could get rid of the pain and be happy soon.The sentences encourage Julian to get over the difficulties bravely as well as pursue his love.The lyrics are so inspiring that many people wrongly regard the song written for them.However,it did bring warmth and energy to us when we are in trouble.

As it is mentioned above,the song was written to Julian during his parents’ divorce.At that time,McCartney created the song with a mixed mood. For one thing ,McCartney could do nothing to help Lennon’s marrage.For another, he felt sorry for Julian,who was just only five years old and too young to take on the burden.Not only did the song comfort Julian,but it also inspired us to pursue love and dream.This song was very popular in American in1960s,when the Americans were in despair for that they lost two great leaders John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Martin Luther King.” Hey Jude ”aroused the emotion of friendship and love in the heart of the Americans.They were so moved by the spirits in the song that they loved it very much. Therefore,“Hey Jude ”became the “all-time”record for the longest run at the top of the US charts at that time.

The song “Hey Jude” makes a deep impression on me.Especially in2012,when McCartney sang the song “Hey Jude” at the end of the Olympics Opening ceremony.When the familiar melody started,all the audiences were moved to hear the song played by Beatles .Although McCartney is no longer young,his sound is still powerful and charming.At the end of the song ,all the present audiences sang the song together with McCartney,showing their hope for peace and love.Dated back to 1960s,Beatles formed and played music as they like.As far as I am concerned,their music made a hit because their songs represented freedom and could give people hope.Now Beatles had broken up for many years but we all remember this greatest rock band. Equipped with great spirit of music,Beatles are on behalf of the rock ero.As time went by , four little boys grew older,yet their songs were still remembered by people,especially “Hey Jude”. Encouraged by Beatles and the song “Hey Jude”, I will pursue my dream insistently.

Great bands and songs need all of our respect.

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